100% Pro Choice Rating From NARAL

May 20, 2018

To the Campaign for Jon Weinstein for Howard County Council, District 1:

On behalf of the members of the NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Political Action Committee, I want to thank you for seeking our endorsement of your candidacy for office during the 2018 election season. Although we chose not to endorse you this election cycle, you have been given a 100% Pro-Choice Rating based upon your responses to our candidate questionnaire and your public position on our issues.

We appreciate your commitment to reproductive health, rights, and justice, and are proud to support your willingness to stand firm in protecting and advancing reproductive freedom in our state.

As you may know, the NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC is the only statewide, bi-partisan Political Action Committee working solely to protect each childbearing individual’s right to choose in Maryland.

If you have any questions about your rating, or would like a quote of support for campaign brochures or literature, please feel free to contact us at (301) 565-4154 or

The logo with your 100% Pro-Choice Rating is attached.

Best regards,

Mark Stover Chair,

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC

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