Endorsements & Testimonials

Allie Ehart, Howard County Police Officer, and Rose Smithmyer, Howard County Firefighter

“Jon has earned our support by demonstrating his commitment to public safety by riding along with us, talking with our members, and committing to work with us to make Howard County safer.”

Gretchen Shuey, Historic Ellicott City Business Owner

“I have known Jon for years as a customer, fellow business-owner, and friend. I have seen first-hand his hard work in the Historic District and his commitment to improving our broader community; he truly understands the needs of Main Street’s business owners. As a parent, I know how deeply he supports education and our teachers. I support Jon for the experience and commitment he has brought to the County Council.”

Linda Firman, Ellicott City Residet and HCPSS Para-Educator

“I take my right to vote very seriously, that’s why I’m voting for Jon Weinstein. As a para educator in the Howard County schools I know that he has the knowledge, experience, and vision to move our schools forward.”


Gary and Sara Hamer, Community Activists, Ellicott City

“We support Jon because of his integrity, enthusiasm, and proven ability to focus on complex issues and find creative solutions to government problems.”


Phil Whitebloom, Elkridge Resident and Business Executive

“Local politics is a place where one person can truly make a difference. I support Jon Weinstein because he has made and will continue to make a positive difference. I have known Jon for almost 20 years and I have had the privilege to work with him on community issues. Jon listens to what people are saying, then takes what he hears, identify the issues, and develop and implement an action plan. As a member of the Howard County Council, Jon has acted to support Elkridge and Ellicott City and has not paused to analyze the politics of his move. Jon always moves forward in the best interest of our District and the County as a whole.”


Conrad Brookhart, Ellicott City Resident and 28-year HCPSS Teacher

“As a long-time teacher at Elkridge Elementary and Jon’s friend and neighbor, I know he has been the right person to represent Elkridge in the County Council. I have heard the passion in his voice and commitment through his actions to the issues that are important to Elkridge – great schools, top-notch public facilities, and safe neighborhoods. I hope you’ll join me in my continued support for Jon.”


Jim Hyatt, Elkridge Resident and Business Owner

“As a Business Owner, Real Estate Professional and Elkridge resident, I have seen Jon bring his business knowledge and relevant experience as a leader in our community to the County Council. He is a person I trust to listen to us and represent Elkridge’s interests.”


Mi Schill Kim, Ellicott City Business Owner

“Jon Weinstein has applied his background as a small business owner and his involvement in our schools and community to the Howard County Council. Jon is a great asset on the council and a strong advocate for all of us.”


Ken Ulman, Former Howard County Executive

“Jon understands the importance of keeping our business climate strong in Howard County while prioritizing the areas that have strengthened our quality of life including, education and public safety. He is in tune with the needs of District 1 and will be a great addition to the County Council.”


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