“How You Earned My Vote”

The following text is copied verbatim from an email I received this week from a future constituent. I often get inquiries via my website and I endeavor to contact each person, preferably by phone if they provide that information. Here is the result of an exchange earlier this week…


i believe you earned my vote yesterday.  And you should know why.

I sent an inquiry on Monday through your website about the cost of education and about keeping seniors in Howard County and Maryland.  I have not seen any candidates addressing these issues.

You (and possibly your team:) looked me up and you personally responded with a phone call designed to actually have a conversation.  You took the time to explain how the school budget process works and where we need to direct our energies if we want changes made.  You not only listened to what I had to say, but we had an interchange of ideas.  You were not patronizing and telling me what I wanted to hear, you agreed and disagreed (quite nicely:).  I was impressed with what you had to say and that you took the time to discuss it with me.

In the past, I have sent similar inquiries to elected officials.  Their websites had me choose a category.  I got a canned response that didn’t address what I specifically had to say at all.  I no longer vote for those people.  And after decades voting Democratic, I also no longer vote party lines, I look for candidates that will be active in the areas I am concerned about, regardless of party.  Keep that in mind when you are elected, continue to pay attention and personalize responses.  

After you are elected, I would be pleased to assist you with the issues I have an interest in, on a voluntary basis.  I have a long history (the advantage of being a senior citizen) full of experience understanding what people need and working to bring together disparate groups for shared change.  

Howard County needs to be keep its seniors and take advantage of their wealth of knowledge, experience and interest.  Don’t forget, people who are retired or semi-retired have the time and desire to do worthwhile things!



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