As a successful business owner, Jon knows that well-paid jobs are vital to our community’s prosperity. His practical approach to business led his firm to grow despite tough economic times. Jon supports investing in our future by encouraging employers in all sectors, including biotechnology, cyber-security and renewable energy to locate or expand in Howard County.

Our goal should be to increase the opportunities for our residents to work locally, decreasing the impact on our road and the environment.

At a time when everyone is expected to do more with less, Jon’s experience helps him identify how government can be streamlined, eliminating unnecessary regulations, to serve you more efficiently and effectively.

Endorsed by the +1,500 member Howard County Association of Realtors

I am honored to be the first candidate running for an open seat that the Howard County Association of Realtors has ever endorsed. HCAR’s President, Marilyn Rhodovi summed up the endorsement,

“HCAR believes that [Jon’s] record demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering livable communities, excellent public schools, a strong social services safety net and to promoting economic revitalization and empowering people through economic opportunity.”

This endorsement from over 1,500 HCAR members – many fellow small business owners – combined with the Teachers, Police, Fire and Columbia Democratic Club endorsements show the breadth of support from communities that drive our economy, education, public safety and civic service.