Honored to have the endorsement of the Howard County Education Association. Proud to be able to say that I’m “Teacher Recommended.”

Teacher Recommended LogoIn the endorsement, Paul Lemle, HCEA President stated, “We have had a long relationship with Jon, we believe in him, and he stood out as the most informed candidate by a wide margin.” Click here to read the HCEA press release.

Jon wants our educators to have the resources they need to prepare our children to be productive members of the workforce, whether after graduation or after achieving their college degrees.

Equal representation on the Board of Education is critical to the systems’ success. Jon will investigate electing five of the seven board members aligned with existing Council Districts with two members elected county-wide.

Jon will work with Board of Education members and the school administration to implement programs that improve our children’s’ chances for success in the new economy – introducing new languages, emerging technologies and careers, and expanding vocational training.