First 100 Days…

I’ll be posting my plans for action with my first 100 days on the County Council. Stay tuned to this page and my Twitter feed (@Vote4Jon) to learn more.

1. Hold “Citizen Workshops” to engage D1 constituents in identifying ideas to innovate and improve Hoco. These will be facilitated and participative sessions where citizens work together to present their thoughts and ideas. I’ve been facilitating these types of sessions as a business owner and consultant for most of my career and have seen the powerful results they can yield.

2. Partner with businesses, government, and non-profits to expand county’s successful incubator program to include services companies, food start-ups (click here for info), non-profits, and to support for young entrepreneurs in high school and HCC.

3. I’ve said during the campaign “Government cannot be run like a business, but it can be run more business-like.” I will introduce a program that offers real incentives to government personnel who identify improvements that yield savings; applying my business ownership experience to the job.

4. Investigate ban on single-use plastic bags in Howard County. If we just ban plastic bags from curbside yard trim the County’s processing contractors will reduce the charge by $10/ton. At 12,000 ton/year this would cut the County’s costs by $120,000, making better compost as well. Yard trim plastic bans are in place in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County.

5. “Fueling Student Success” Program. Encourage greater student extracurricular participation by enlisting local gas stations to voluntarily contribute 1-2 cents/gallon to be directed toward adding bus service from the County’s middle and high schools for students participating in after school programs.

UPDATE (10-1-2014): I have already had some interest from a few gas stations for this “Fueling Student Success” program idea. I can envision the school system promote this in some way (like they do the box top for education and restaurant-based fund raisers) to encourage families to use participating stations. I would also work with local non-profits and other businesses to do a match for the money raised by the gas stations. This could be a win-win-win-win (students-parents-schools-gas stations & participating businesses) for the community!

6. Create, convene, and lead an Ellicott City Flooding Working Group to act on initiatives identified to reduce flooding in the historic district and other parts of the community. The EC Working Group would be comprised of key stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels and would bring together the necessary expertise to review, select, and implement initiatives. Click here to read more.

7. Establish Joint Committee with Baltimore County districts (1 and 4) adjoining Ellicott City and Elkridge to address issues of mutual concern, interest, and action. The group would collaborate and coordinate on activities related to homelessness, parklands, history, and flooding. Click here to read more.