Knocking on Doors in the Centennial Area

Our door knocking started under a dark cloud… literally. A storm was brewing but we were not deterred. I was joined by Jeff Dannis to meet his neighbors in the area by Centennial Lane and Century Drive. While the clouds may have been gloomy, the folks we met were all upbeat and happy to live in Howard County. Several folks were interested in my professional experience improving performance in government agencies and they asked great questions about how we could do better in Howard County.

A couple ideas that resonated with people were…

  • Increasing access to services through the County’s web portal,
  • Overall improvements to the systems our county uses to run its business, and
  • Incentivizing county employees AND citizens to bring their ideas and innovations. Like I’ve said many times, “Government may not be able to be run like a business, but it can be run more business-like.“

Looking forward to returning to Centennial and spending more time in Elkridge over the next couple weeks. Be sure to email my Field Director ( if you’d like to join the fun, meet your fellow Howard County-ians, and talk about the issues of the day.

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