Our goal should be to increase the opportunities for our residents to work locally, decreasing the impact on our roads and the environment.

As a successful business owner, Jon knows that good jobs are vital to our community’s prosperity. His practical approach to business led his firm to grow despite tough economic times. Jon supports investing in our future by encouraging employers in all sectors, including biotechnology, cyber-security and renewable energy to locate or expand in Howard County.

At a time when everyone is expected to do more with less, Jon’s experience helps him identify how government can be streamlined, eliminating unnecessary regulations, to serve you more efficiently and effectively.

What has Jon accomplished?

  • * Proposed and passed legislation to establish an Economic Opportunity & Prosperity Task Force to promote the access and participation in the local economy for all residents and businesses (CB119-2017)
  • * Worked with County Government to design and launch a renewed EBO/Small Business Program in Howard County
  • * Maintained strong relationships in business community through regular interactions with the Howard County Chamber, local businesses, and the County’s Economic Development Authority.
  • * Worked to direct state and county resources to spark renewal in Elkridge – new library, senior center, fire station. And road improvements.
  • * Strong advocate for local businesses
    • * EC recovery
    • * Federal legislative reform for flood insurance and tax relief after natural disasters
    • * Worked with state and federal officials and agencies to address small business challenges
  • * Tax Credits – led effort on local and state legislation in areas related to …
    • * Natural disasters
    • * Senior Tax Credit Extension
    • * Expansion of Route 1 Tax Credit – Authored Amendment to re-authorization bill to add more areas of Elkridge to qualify for this credit
    • * Extended Historic Area tax credit for Elkridge
    • * Worked to adjust Storm Water Fee hurting businesses

What will Jon continue to do?

  • Review and pursue recommendations from Economic Opportunity & Prosperity Task Force
  • Seek innovative and effective methods for retaining, growing, and attracting business to Howard County
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