Land Use

New Elkridge Library and 50+ Center under construction

Balancing development with the needs of our community, its resources and our economy is key to Howard County’s continued long-term success.

As a member of both the County Council and Zoning Board, Jon has worked diligently to balance the county’s development, economic growth, environment, and infrastructure. Redeveloping Downtown Columbia, rebuilding Historic Ellicott City, renewing Elkridge, and revising the County’s Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance have been significant matters during his first term. Jon has worked with key stakeholders on all these and other development matters to seek a balanced approach to development in Howard County.

What has Jon accomplished:

  • * Introduced and led passage of restrictions on “In-Fill Developments” in Howard County (CB15-2016)
  • * Introduced and led passage of law to increase requirements for storm water mitigation in watershed; first time in over 10 years (CB79-2016 and CB4-2017
  • * Proposed legislation to temporarily halt to convert single-family homes into two-family dwellings to consider permanent changes in these regulations (CB56-2015)
  • * Proposed temporary halt to development in Historic Ellicott City watershed (CB65-2016)
  • * Sponsored and led passage of bill to prohibit waivers or variances to floodplain, wetland, stream, or steep slope regulations in the Historic Ellicott City Watershed (CB80-2016)
  • * Voted to increase transparency on land use and zoning reports to the public (CB73-2017)

What will Jon continue to do:

  • * Encourage development and redevelopment activities that align with the capacity of our schools, roads, and other essential infrastructure.
  • * Improve the efficiency of our development and zoning policies and processes to increase public participation and encourage greater collaboration and coordinate between developers, residents, businesses, and the County government.







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