Public Safety

Proud to be able to say that I stand with the people who protect our families and community.

The need for effective public safety grows as our community grows. Jon has made sure our police, firefighters, sheriff, first responders, and community service organizations like HopeWorks (the County’s domestic violence center) have the necessary support, resources, and funding.

    • Increasing community policing and domestic violence training for first responders are examples of how Jon will work to keep our community safe. Jon’s service as a Military Police Officer in the US Army Reserve provides a unique perspective in the area of public safety.

What has Jon accomplished?

  • * Strengthened Human Trafficking laws and funding
  • * Worked to secure agreement and continued funding for new Elkridge Fire Station
  • * Supported construction of new Downtown Columbia rapid response station
  • * Jon introduced and led passage of legislation to make sure county Police and Fire Fighters who served our country received credit toward retirement for their military service. (CB14-2016)
  • * Worked with police and community organizations to develop clear and documented policies on police interactions with undocumented residents and to create a process for addressing fears in the that community while balancing public safety needs.

What will Jon continue to do?

  • * Make sure our police and fire personnel have the resources and training they need to effectively protect our community
  • * Continue to collaborate with State and Federal elected officials to combat the scourge of human trafficking
  • * Serve as liaison between District 1 residents and our public safety agencies
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