Two Fun(ny) Stories on the Trail Saturday

Two Fun(ny) Stories on the Trail Saturday

A vast majority of my interactions, and my team’s with people we meet at their doors are extremely positive. Of course there are a few folks who mistake us for people selling stuff and ask us to go away. There are also a host of fun and funny interactions. Yesterday was a day particularly filled with those for me and my wife, Margaret as we knocked doors together. Here are two:

  • In the midst of a in-depth conversation on a host of issues, we arrived at the subject of increasing vocational education in HoCo. I mentioned that where I grew up there was a state funded, locally executed program for technical and vocational education. Then the conversation went like this… Barbara: “What state?”, Jon: “New York?”, B: “Where in NY”, J: “Wantagh, on Long Island.” B: “You’re joking?!? I went to Wantagh High School!”, J: “Now you’re joking, I went to Wantagh High School!” Turns out we lived about 2 miles or so apart and that Barbara is nearing her 50th reunion while I’m nearing my 30th. We both moved to this area a while back, me over 25, and Barbara about 40. The other strange coincidence is how passionate we both are about our chosen community in Howard County.


  • This second story is just cute! A young woman (late-20s) answers the door and greats us with a big smile. We start to talk and construction noises start from the home. I apologized for bothering while she was busy in her home. She said “No problem. I have contractors and family members all here and I’m getting ready to tell my family that I’m pregnant. This is the first grandchild in the family and no one knows. I’ve been drinking ‘fake wine’ to throw them off.” Margaret and I said we were honored to be the first people she told (except for her husband). We wished her congratulations and best wishes and handed her some literature about my education policies. She took a quick look and said… “I need to look at this since schools just became a whole lot more important.” Definitely the highlight of Margaret’s and my day!

These two conversations are what get me going every time I set out to knock. I visited nearly 80 doors yesterday and Team Weinstein covered over 250. Our “unofficial” total since July 26 is closing in on 5,000 doors, and over 10,000 since launching the campaign in May 2013. Thank you to all the folks in District 1 that have opened their door with a smile and have taken the time to engage in important conversations about our community.door knocking 3-9 photo

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